Wayne County Airport Authority 2003 Community Report

Case Study



In March 2002, the new Wayne County Airport Authority (WCAA) was established to oversee the Detroit Metro and Willow Run Airports. The goal was to ensure that the airports operate more efficiently. CEO Lester Robinson and the WCAA Board members wanted to create a communication vehicle to highlight the achievements of the WCAA since its establishment.


To provide the audience with a communication vehicle, in the form of a report to key stakeholders, highlighting the achievements of the WCAA since its creation. The WCAA wanted a creative and dynamic report that could be used as a marketing tool, gave a clear accounting of the formation and achievements of the WCAA, build trust, confidence, pride and security in the WCAA,


To instill trust, confidence and pride in the reader, JCI developed a strategy of visual and copy elements to reinforce the core message. The theme “Gaining Altitude through New Leadership and Growth” was selected, and supporting visual elements were incorporated to convey this message throughout the piece. From the use of iconography, strong color palettes and type hierarchy to the selection of paper and inks, no detail was overlooked or underutilized.