Jacquelyn McClure



Jacquelyn McClure, president and founder of JCI Design/Jacqué Consulting, Inc. has been a marketing and communications consultant for more than twenty-eight years. Prior to founding the studio, she worked in corporate administration at Harper-Grace Hospitals in the Detroit Medical Center reporting directly to the Vice President.

The Dearborn office of JCI is equipped with a staff of twelve and the latest in electronic publishing equipment. The combination of a talented, hardworking and customer-driven staff and the latest design tools has produced publications, corporate identity programs, logos, marketing campaigns and other print projects that have garnered numerous awards.

Jackie has been an active Dearborn resident for more than sixty years. In addition to her service on the Dearborn Chamber of Commerce Executive Board, she serves on the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) Executive Board. IABC recently recognized her expertise in brand identity and project management by appointing her to the newly created IABC Detroit Executive Board position of Chief Communications Officer/Brand Manager. In addition, she has served on boards and committees of the American Institute of Graphic Artists, YMCA of Western Wayne County, Dearborn’s Aviation Subdivision, National Federation of Independent Business Owners Guardian Council, Henry Ford Community College’s NCA Citizens Commissions on the Future of the College, Highland Park Baptist Church, Christian Urban Outreach and Southfield Christian School.

Her pioneering use of the personal computer since the early 1980s has brought her recognition from Apple Computer and Adobe Systems. Over the years she has been a strong advocate of electronic publishing and has spoken on the subject for various organizations and conferences.

As a small business owner, Jackie has been outspoken on issues affecting small business. Cokie Roberts of National Public Radio interviewed McClure regarding her views on parental leave and the ramifications to the small business owner. She was featured in an article on healthcare insurance costs in the premier issue of CORP! magazine.